"Underwaterboys" - Shriekback (1986)

Who said pop music can`t get dark & ominous, while remaining melodic and emotional? Shriekback were an `80s English pop/new wave band not easily classified, formed by ex-XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews and ex-Gang Of Four bass guitarist Dave Allen, borrowing elements from psychedelia, new wave and rock.

"Underwaterboys" from their 1986 "Big Night Music" album, for instance, is a memorable dark and mysterious new wave/synth pop ballad with haunting vocals, a captivating atmospheric melody and dark lyrics:

"…Little Nick wasn’t happy,
He felt sick inside,
One day he jumped from the window,
Into the arms of a Wagnerian bride…”



A playlist of all 12 demos to date for our next release(s). Various states of completeness and polish. Everything can and probably still will change, but here is where we are at right now. Enjoy, leave comments etc.

It all started accidentally, when I followed the alluring thedragnet and was followed back. After exchanging some messages, I realised that I had stumbled upon a truly talented musician, the guitarist of post-punk/electronic/rock noir duo Deathline, so I gave their stuff a listen and was actually blown away by their fucking powerful sound, firmly rooted in the early Jesus & Mary Chain era, yet amazingly blended with elements of shoegaze, spaced-out post punk and dark electronica. Their discography, includes a couple of albums and a bunch of EP`s, revealing  a band on its way to the top.

At the moment they`re in the demoing and writing phase for a new album and have decided to open up the creative process by uploading their freshly cut demos on Soundcloud, in order to get feedback from listeners.

My personal favorites: "Do Clean/Do Dirty", which hit me like a sonic noise rock storm, the ominous cinematic "False Memory Syndrome", sounding like a track off a "Blade Runner" remake soundtrack, "Bear Harvest", a post modern version of a Velvet Underground-influenced memory & "Fake Diamond Ring", reminiscent of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds` "Carny".

"Take A Walk With The Fleshtones" - The Fleshtones (1994)

Obviously borrowing The Kinks` guitar riff from "You Really Got Me", The Fleshtones recorded this epic single for their 1994 "Beautiful Light" album. Every element of their sound that has put them on the forefront of NY`s garage scene is present: solid guitar sound, hammering piano, Peter Zaremba`s playful vocals and a power pop mood to put you into high spirits.

Don`t you tell me you can resist tapping your feet or nodding your head to this upbeat garage rock stomper…

The Fleshtones, possibly the only rock`n`roll band that debuted at CBGB (in 1976) that hasn’t had an inactive year so far and definitely one the finest live acts worldwide, always on the forefront of the New York garage scene and surely ahead of their time, merging garage/punk rock/blues/psych sonic elements into a sound they call Super Rock. True living legends…

Photos (via, via via & via): a 1976 CBGB flyer, at CBGB’s in 1977 (photographed by Robert Barry Francos), posing with  the Go-Go’s for New York Rocker magazine in 1981, in LA (1981), from the cover of their 1982 "Ride Your Pony/Roman Gods" 7” single,  photographed by George DuBose (ca 1983), live in 2000, live on stage at Dijon, France in 2010 and again ca 2010.